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Business Development Strategist

I am a serial entrepreneur, investor, author, speaker, coach and strategy consultant. As a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner and Organizational Leadership Coach, I rely heavily on my background in logistics, human behavior and team mentorship to transform ideas into action.

I am a 12 year Marine Corps Veteran and have served in a multitude of industries from aeronautics, biotech, beauty, fashion, physical security, live and special events, film production, marketing, public relations and more.

I have an affinity for leaders and influencers who are brave enough to fearlessly pursue their dreams- and I was born to co-create with them.

I am a high level strategy consultant, coach and advisor to passionate and professional CEOs, visionaries and entrepreneurs who are eager to aggressively scale their business, brand, or product. 

I am committed to serving passionate individuals and groups achieve their greatest potential through igniting breakthroughs in personal and team development and finding greater purpose. I do not believe in coincidences and I follow my intuitive guidance to create long-lasting relationships with my clients, partners and vast network. If I cannot offer what you seek, I know someone who can.

I also offer motivational and inspirational speaking engagements/keynotes on topics ranging from business, leadership, interpersonal communication, self-development, self-empowerment, epigenetics, team dynamics and personal and professional advancement.

I partner with visionaries, CEOs, celebrities and entrepreneurs to create and implement immediate and long term strategies for themselves, their teams, brands and businesses.
— Jessica Jay Dee


My first book, POTENTIALLY HUMAN combines years of research, soft and hard sciences, and innovative approaches to help us unleash our innate super-human abilities. Three years in the making!

I am deeply spiritual.

I am also an author, speaker and mindset coach. Here is a sample from my current non-fiction, inspirational and biographical manuscript. :)




Blackness fills the room.  My body feels cold… pain fades, like the final glow of sunset, sinking into the curve of the earth.  Just as the very last flicker of light disappears, a steady and consistent eruption of golden energy fills my heart, and wraps me in a blanket of light… I am no longer cold.  I have been here before. 

This light, this journey, is far too familiar.  There is no time, no space, no gravity… no identity.  Faster than the speed of light, I am carried through a brilliant gateway, propelled by shooting stars.  My body is not with me.  I have no fear, nor anxiousness.  I realize… I am the stars.  I am the matter within which those stars exist.  I am; earth, air, fire, water.  I am ether; and I am creation itself.  I recall that this is my final journey home. I will return to earth, but not this one.

A part of me aches for the souls left behind, both those living, and others, who have yet to be born.  For they will continue to experience much more suffering.  Another part of me believes I will miss the physical senses, and expressions of human love.  The sound of a baby cooing. The vibration of my own voice when, jubilant and erupting in laughter.  The smell of crisp mountain air, or the salty ocean breeze.  The taste of a perfectly seasoned, al dente pasta dish, paired with a full-bodied, glass of red wine.  The sight of breathtaking magnificence created by human minds and hands, whether through architecture, gardens, or physical affection.  Touch.  God, touch, my absolute favorite.  I always yearned to touch soft things: grass, fresh and fluffy cotton towels, feathers, fur,  and the warm, trembling bare skin of a lover. 

But now is not the time for reflection and nostalgia.  I have an agreement to fulfill. There is much work to be done.